Open Call: Monomania Love

Your b&w images in a photobook printed in Japan

Anne Murayama
3 min readSep 4, 2021

In the past year, I have collaborated with various photographers and came up with two モノマニアLOVE photobooks, In a Pandemic and In Double Exposures.

Aside from my personal titles, I aim to continuously curate and publish more collective series, which is why I am happy to share that — I’m constantly looking for photographers to feature on the next volumes of モノマニアLOVE.

Send me an email at with the subject: Monomania Love Submission

TEXT. In the body of your email, fill out:

  • Name (first then last name)
  • Location (city, country)
  • Instagram username
  • A short, general description of the images that you’re submitting; include a title if there’s any.
  • Google Drive folder* share link

IMAGES. Using your own Gmail, make a new *Google Drive folder with your name, upload your images, and then share the folder with me by adding my email address: Strictly follow these guidelines:

  • Open theme; must have a clear narrative;
  • Film and/or digital OK, but choose just either one;
  • at least 10 to 15 images;
  • Black & White only;
  • JPG format only;
  • Before uploading, convert to Grayscale mode,
  • Adjust size to 1500px on the long side,
  • Change resolution: to 300 DPI, and
  • Rename each file to PhotographerName_#.jpg.
  • No zipped folders and/or downloadable links.
  • Individuals may submit ONCE a month.

This project is open worldwide.
There is no participation fee involved.

Deadline: Every end of the month.

Selected submissions for the month of September will be published in October or November. Each volume will feature at least 5 photographers. My aim is to publish a regular, monthly Monomania Love series.

Thank you, and good luck!

Love and light,
Erin Cross

FAQs about this project:

〰️ Can I join?
YES, I lure everyone to do so. This project is open worldwide. There’s no participation fee involved. All you need is love for b&w photography.

〰️ Why do I need to convert to grayscale?
Because the aim of this project is to create photobooks, monochrome photos print much better when set to Grayscale mode. RGB mode results to purplish images when printed.

〰️ When is the deadline?
Currently set to 30th of September. Selected submissions for the month of September will be published in October or November. Each publication will feature at least 5 photographers. My aim is to publish a regular, bi-monthly Monomania Love series, so I will be choosing fresh content every end of the month.

〰️ What is a “narrative?”
In the guidelines, I wrote: “Open theme, but must have a clear narrative.” Having a visual narrative means that your pictures must somehow tell a story. They don’t need to be similar images of the same subject, but when seen as a whole, regardless if you’re submitting a photo series or single images, they should convey a certain idea, express a common theme, and/or a striking memory to the viewers.

〰️ How should I write my title and description?
Write your description like you’re telling me the whole story about the pictures that you’re submitting. It would be good to know the what, when, and where — but more importantly, I would like to know why you took such photos and why you’re sharing them to Monomania Love. I will not be including your description in the publication itself, but it will help me a lot to choose which submissions should go with other submissions. Titles are optional.



Anne Murayama

fka Erin Cross. Based in Tokyo, Japan. Black and white visual storyteller.