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October 2021 Newsletter

Anne Murayama
4 min readOct 31, 2021

Happy Halloween! Just like the past years’ hallow eves, this year’s the same: just at home, keeping ourselves cozy and fuzzy and warm. It’s finally autumn, my favorite season, and that simply makes me glad.

Health is what’s been scary lately, as I was confined in the hospital (thankfully for a night only) last Monday. I’ve been recuperating well since I returned home, and will continue doing so for the next weeks and months — which means that I’m ditching my inconsiderate employer to prioritize getting better.

The main downside of my recent hospitalization is not being able to physically attend the Tokyo Art Book Fair as I’ve really prepared for it for the past year. 😔 It sucked to not be there since I was really looking forward to meet people and bask in other artists’ works, especially after the fair was postponed for two years, but I’m still happy to be one of the exhibitors. I’ll try again next year!

Japan is cool and all that. But hospitals still aren’t.

As much as I despise Instagram, I’m still grateful that I am able to share some personal struggles there, wherein many sympathize and inspire me to get up stronger again.

October was, indeed, a looong month. But I’m generally happy in spite of some shitty things. We’ve successfully moved to a new home and now we’re just a couple of minutes away from the nearest station with a so-so supermarket — no more excuses to not prepare fresh salad every dinner. 😬

I’m still studying the lighting of our tiny rooms, which is why self-portraiture was also scarce this month. Also, since I have given away my film developing set a while ago, I now have started using an online service and it’s taking about a month a.k.a forever to get my scans. 🥺

ERIN CROSS. Self-portrait. October 2021.

Speaking of giveaways, I have also given away + sold a large chunk of my photobook/zine mini library, primarily because I needed to free a significant amount of closet space and I felt like my collection could be of better purpose when bequeathed to other likeminded folks.

Tomorrow’s November! And from then, I will start selling pre-loved Japanese photobooks (mostly Moriyama and Araki titles). I’m still fixing the previews and descriptions of currently more than 10 photobooks, but soon they will all be available through:

Additionally, I am accepting Japanese photobook requests. If you’re looking for anything, write me a comment or a private message, and I’ll see what I can do. ☺️

Complete roster of photobooks/zines by ERIN CROSS at the Tokyo Art Book Fair 2021

Well, that was quick. I honestly have a whole lot of other VERY GOOD things to share and talk about, but I’m politely refraining myself to do so until my heart is in the right place to do so.

I thank you all for reading my monthly updates. Until next time! 🖤

Leaving you with some previews of my newest work: ANATOMIESº1.


Current reads: Nobuyoshi Araki’s Tokyo Hole and Chiro, My Love

Current Netflix shows: Seinfeld, Sisters (running out of good shows; craving to rewatch all of Broad City)

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